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July 18,2017​ 

What's the difference between BRIBES in DC or the Clintons and Florida?  I guess some lawyers can BRIBE others steal and bribe, and some "lucky Nobility can steal, bribe, commit treason and murder and still run for political office......

If you Google Gary Czajkowski you will find how Florida treats some "differently"  or just see what Sun Sentinel says below....

Three years ago, Gary Czajkowski was convicted of 15 public corruption charges. Now the Florida Supreme Court will decide whether the Palm Beach County sewer repair company owner should be cleared or get a new trial in the case, dubbed "Operation Dirty Water."  To help them reach a decision, six of the seven justices heard arguments Tuesday from attorneys for the state and the 56-year-old Wellington businessman. The court will issue an opinion later.

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7/21/17  I called and finally spoke to Mr. Cooperman  at the Governor's office  will inform latter  what  goes 7/15/2017               Imagine a work space for 500+ units without ANY WATER, EYE WASH or BATHROOM???   OSHA violation????

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1/27/2017 Do you believe any judge or court in any state has been perfect for 25 years?  Look below no conflicts, or malfeasance for 25 years....WOW!

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​· For about 3 years Dan had a daily one– to two hour radio broadcast ...During  the last two years I have stared and internet  news and book concept

· Every day 22 of our Veterans commit suicide…  Last year 52,000 People in the              USA OD...They are DEAD too

· Sadly Florida has been the nexus for bad lawyers, doctors, and  or Ponzi  rat slim.

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